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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail for e-Commerce

Online spending is now a significant percentage of many retailers’ overall revenue. But with rising consumer expectations for a seamless multi-channel shopping expereince, retailers are faced with a lack of multi-channel operational efficiencies and lingering technical shortfalls.


Many retailers rushed to build online channels to meet growing customer demand. Unfortunately long-term multi-channel implications were often not part of the initial design. Legacy investments in standalone, first generation software continue to inhibit growth for many retailers.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail is a full featured ERP platform providing integrated eCommerce for multi-channel retail and direct-to-consumer initiatives. Powerful management tools offer complete management of merchandising and website storefronts and is fully integrated for store and mobile point-of-sale.


Smart Search Capabilities

Smart search functionality enables retailers to display search results in ways that are most likely to lead to sales through guided navigation.

Flexible Coupon Engine

The solution has the ability to create coupons that give percentage or fixed monetary discounts, free shipping, or a free product. Coupons can be tied to certain redemption criteria such as order subtotal amount or purchase of a specific product.

Real-Time Order Integration

In any multi-channel environment, it is critical that order capture points work in harmony and feed the right information to back-end systems. The additional revenue opportunities that are associated with a new sales channel are often lost due to overwhelming costs and a loss of focus. This Real-Time Order Integration solution integrates with existing back office systems to provide the customer with timely, accurate order status such as inventory availability and shipping dates.


Promotions Engine

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail allows for the creation of highly traceable email campaigns, affiliate programs and other external links with its Promotions Engine. Detailed reports display shopping behaviour and return on investment.


Selling online is now a key element of many retailers’ business models, but, to maximise its potential, you need a software package that’s able to satisfy customer expectations of seamless cross-channel shopping and that has the technical sophistication and flexibility to grow your business.


AccTech Systems has developed a retail management solution that will provide everyone in your business with the information they need to become more effective at serving the specific needs of your customers.


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