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International Retailing

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail for International Retailing

Operating across borders opens many opportunities for growth and protection from localised economic trends, but can be difficult to manage.


For any retailer working across borders, issues related to languages, currencies and localised regulations go with the international territory. In addition, diverse international operations present managers with a unique range of challenging questions:

  • Which operations are performing best and why?
  • How do we best manage stock across borders?
  • How do we utilise best practice, yet ensure a local focus for the local market?


AccTech Systems has developed a retail management solution that will provide everyone in your business with the information they need to become more effective at serving the specific needs of your customers.

In such a diverse environment, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail provides a solid hub from which to oversee your international operations. The ERP solution has been developed from the ground up to become a multi-national product, deployed in over 40 countries worldwide and implemented in over 10 000 businesses and includes:

  • Multi-Language: over 40 languages available as standard, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian
  • Multi-Location: support for multi warehouses, distributor centres and supply chains
  • Multi-Currency: extensive multi-currency support for all processes and transactions
  • Multi-Jurisdictional:  support of localised regulatory requirements, such as local accounting practices
  • Multi-Company: powerful multi-company capabilities provided as standard


All of the above can be controlled within a single instance of the solution, bringing the business together and improving communications, forecasts, supply chains and ultimately sales.


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