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Social Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail for Social Commerce

The explosion of social media has fuelled a growth in communication tools and interconnectivity that has the ability to make or break a retailer. Failure to execute effective customer management processes means retailers run the risk of incurring negative viral feedback, resulting in a decrease in customer loyalty and purchase behaviour. Monitor, manage and respond well and the same viral effect could result in a growth in customer demand.

Today the area of social commerce should be considered at all times when developing business strategies, as the ability to leverage customer ratings, reviews, recommendations and referrals could result in greater accessibility to customers and far lower conversion to purchase costs.

AccTech Retail’s ERP solution based on the proven Microsoft Dynamics AX platform can help retailers engage with their customers and utilise social commerce. The retail ERP solution cuts through the noise, channelling feedback into a constructive format that can be referenced for structured communication campaigns to be undertaken.


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