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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail for Stores

AccTech Retail’s ERP solution is the first fully comprehensive enterprise retail management package, helping retailers address their biggest challenges including sales, store performance management, forecasting, stock control and supply chain management.

AccTech Retail have used our expertise combined with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to develop a retail management solution that will provide everyone in your business with the information they need to become more effective at serving the specific needs of your customers.

As an in-store retailer, your operation needs to rely on accurate information about your customers, your stock, your sales and your supply chain in order to deliver the promise that your customers demand and that’s where AccTech Retail’s ERP solution comes in.

  • Planning – plan ranges and manage the supply chain to ensure optimal stock availability and limited markdowns
  • Merchandising – optimal control of stock allocation at all stages of the product life-cycle to drive better margins
  • EPOS – flexible and configurable EPOS, with multi-channel and customer centric CRM capabilities
  • Promotions – create and monitor an almost infinite array of time, product, store and customer based offers
  • Loyalty – manage loyalty across all sales channels, to enable you to build relationships with your customers
  • Management Information - accurate and timely information about your customers, your sales and your stock
  • Concession Management – manage concessions as either the concession host or the concession holder


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