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Consumer goods

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Consumer Goods

Fast-moving consumer goods are particularly well adapted for the multi-channel world. Consumers expect to be able to interact, research and buy from their phone, online, in the high street and out of town outlets.

In an atmosphere of limited price differentiation, what sets retailers apart is the quality, speed and value of their customer shopping experience across every channel. Achieving that demands simplicity and ease of purchase, availability of stock, clear, easily accessible information, timely processing and order dispatch and where necessary call centre representatives providing accurate and personalised help.

AccTech Retail on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is the first ERP platform that has been designed to negotiate and integrate all of these complex requirements to enable your retail business to grow.

  • Cross Channel – Engage, recruit and service customers seamlessly across all channels
  • Rebate Management – Powerful rebate management to reduce product costs
  • Supply Chain – Enable optimal buying and balance stockholding and direct deliveries to improve stock turn
  • Call Centre – Coordinate both inbound and outbound call centre activities with your other channels
  • Product Information Management – Manage complicated and evolving product specifications quickly
  • Pricing Management – Manage rapidly changing prices and price comparison sites for optimal margin


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