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Fashion, Clothing & Footwear

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Fashion, Clothing and Footwear brands

Health and beauty has experienced a radical transformation with the ever evolving Internet. Traditional companies are finding it difficult to compete within an increasingly crowded online environment. More importantly, consumer purchase behaviour is becoming increasingly influenced by online offers and discounts. Although online reviews and recommendations can drive consumer choice, negative reviews can also have a significant long term impact on business.


The fact that value and service are two key drivers of sales, health and beauty retailers can now stand out by rationalising their operations and passing the savings onto customers. To do that, a comprehensive ERP solution, capable of assessing and controlling every aspect of the business, is required to deliver a customer centric experience at all times.


Retail customers have used our expertise, combined with Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail, to develop a retail management solution. It will provide everyone in your business with the information they need to become more effective at serving the needs of your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail delivers a solution that with seamless integrated functionality will help manage your health and beauty operations. The solution includes powerful tools for running and monitoring warehousing, supply chains, payment processes and more. Furthermore, by storing information in one central database, it provides customers the detailed information they require to make accurate purchasing decisions

The AccTech Retail solution can help you with:

  • Cross Channel - engage, recruit and service customers seamlessly across all channels
  • Rebate Management – powerful rebate management to reduce product costs
  • Supply Chain – enable optimal buying and balance stockholding and direct deliveries to improve stock turn
  • Call Centre – co-ordinate both inbound and outbound call centre activities with your other channels
  • Product Information Management – manage complicated and evolving product specifications quickly
  • Pricing Management - manage rapidly changing prices and price comparison sites for optimal margin


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